I could brunch on these bao all day long: crisp bacon, fluffy scrambled egg, fresh cucumbers, and a touch of sweet and savory hoisin sauce tucked into a fluffy steamed bun. I contemplated going with a sunny side up egg for the runny yolk appeal, but in the end I’m glad I went with the folded over scrambled eggs. They fit inside the buns perfectly, making these guys the perfect package of sweet, savory, crispy, crunchy, and soft.

I think it was last year that I rekindled my love for breadsticks. I remember being a huge fan of crazy bread (breadsticks from Little Caesars) when I was little, but ever since I moved out and became a person who paid for pizza instead of just eating what my mom ordered, I’d skip ordering breadsticks, because I mistakenly thought pizza over breadsticks.

But then, Mike and I made a stop in Eugene on a Pacific Northwest road trip and decided to order pizza to our hotel room. As we were perusing the menu, the breadsticks caught my eye and I must’ve said something about how breadsticks sounded perfect, even though we never order breadsticks. And even though I said we shouldn’t because carbs with a side of carbs is how one becomes as fluffy as a regular crust pizza, Mike ordered them anyway. Good call Mike, good call, because they were DELICIOUS.


Serving People:
  • Olive oil: 2 cup

Nutrition /per serving

  • Protein 60g
  • Fat: 10g
  • Minerel: 15g